job vs calling

What is a “job”?
Your job is the task with which you earn, at the bare minimum, the financial resources to pay for life’s basic necessities. You need to have a job, either now or in the near future, unless you are financially set for the rest of your life.

You don’t necessarily have to love your job. In other words, your “job” does not have to be your “calling” (see below).

What is a “calling”?
Your calling is the task that makes you feel alive. It is your source of pride, purpose, and meaning. A calling makes your life beautiful.

Your calling does not have to earn you money. In other words, your “calling” does not have to be your “job” (see above).

Putting the two together
I have been lucky to have many jobs in my life that I’ve also considered my calling. I have only accepted job offers to work on projects that excited me, and whenever I had the urge to shift to a new calling, I would simply leave my job to commit more of my time on a new calling. Often, my new calling ended up turning into a job after some time anyway, as people start paying for my work.

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Shin Adachi

I am a pianist and composer based in Los Angeles.