Kombucha is bullshit

Ok, despite the title, this post is not really about kombucha. I honestly don’t care for it that much, but if you like it, you do you. The beauty of life lies in enjoying the things that bring us joy, and if kombucha is your thing, so be it.

But this post is about something much larger and much more important, which is that I need to call bullshit on this “get results quick” school of philosophy that leads to more people resorting to stuff like kombucha, the Atkins diet (and its more recent cousins like Keto diet, Paleo diet, or any diet really), electrolyte water, penny stocks, some magical fitness machine that you can get for $99.99, or whatever else that claims to improve some aspect of you or your life with ease.

By the way, this kombucha thing is not new at all. My parents recall a time in Japan, before I was born, when it went by the name of “kocha-kinoko” and was all the craze. I point out its name because “kombucha” is actually a name of a completely different drink. Anyway, of course the Japanese eventually realized the ridiculousness of a get healthy quick scheme of the kocha-kinoko, and pretty much nobody in Japan consumes it today, and instead approach nutrition with a more balanced view. But how funny that history repeats itself many years later here in the US. That’s actually one main reason I love studying history, because often times my knowledge of history gives me the insight to observe current events and see its exact parallels in the past. I guess it shows that despite all of the advancements we have made in society, fundamentally, humans haven’t changed.

In fact I attribute much of the modern rise of eating disorders stem to this flawed philosophy of categorizing certain items as good or bad. No single food is categorically good, as we would all die if our diet consisted of that single food. Our bodies function best on a diet rich with nutrition from a variety of foods. So let’s stop pretending otherwise.

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