Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program application is now open.

If you know of any girls currently in the 10th or 11th grades, encourage them to apply to take part in this life-changing experience.

The Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program (SIP) is like an intense coding boot camp for high school girls. Over the course of one entire summer, they attend the program for 7 hours a day, and they learn important computer science concepts such as conditionals, abstraction, and object-oriented programming, and their various applications such as robotics, cyber security, and game and web development. Most of the girls come into the program with little to no computer science experience, and not only do they come out with a newfound love for coding and problem-solving, they also learn that with time and effort, they can accomplish things that they thought they could not do.

Check out this video below documenting my students’ summer, and this LA Times article highlighting some of the girls and their projects. Video credit to Linda, my amazing fellow co-teacher!

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