cultural appropriation

Apparently, there is a popular concept among college students nowadays, and it’s called “cultural appropriation”.

Here’s an example that’s been repeatedly given to me multiple times. If several white people (yes, level of skin pigmentation is apparently of utmost importance) were to get together for a Mexican themed party and enjoy some Tex-Mex tacos, that is “cultural appropriation” and therefore is extremely offensive. Even worse if they’re wearing sombreros.

For some reason, these same college students seem to have no problem with themselves when they go about their days eating California rolls for lunch, getting matcha latte with their group of friends, and butchering the pronunciation of “namaste” in their yoga classes.

I’m profoundly confused as to what cultural appropriation exactly means. If anyone can sensibly explain this challenging concept to me, please hit me up.

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Shin Adachi

I am a pianist and composer based in Los Angeles.